Luis Enrique confident on Andres Iniesta

Luis Enrique does not think there can be a perfect replacement for Andres Iniesta.

In the opinion of Enrique, he does not have any shortage of quality playmakers for tomorrow’s trip to Eibar. There are plenty of guys in the squad who can take people’s breath away with their skills in the centre of the pitch, but, none of them is whom he can call another Iniesta.

Enrique was quoted as “To be honest with you, nobody can fill in the shoes of Andres’ perfectly. There is a lot of midfield talent in this Barcelona squad, but, I can’t liken anyone to Andres. There is an element of peculiarity about him.”

“We are, however, going to be fine and are going to play the same kind of game in terms of style even in his absence because as I said whoever takes his place will bring in quality to the fold.”

Enrique also played down Iniesta’s lack of game time in comparison to previous seasons.

In the words of Enrique, “The reason why Andres has not been kept on till the final whistle in a few matches is only to let him have some rest and not because he was feeling any kind of trouble with his body.”

“And Andres is not the only one whose workload I intend to manage. I have an eye on the workload of each and every member of the squad and I always ensure that everyone is fresh and without any physical issues.”

“However, in a game like soccer, we know there are always going to be physical issues because the physical contact is not completely barred in this game, but, this, I suppose, is only a bit of a niggle for Andres and nothing else.”