Iniesta talks on Barcelona’s arrivals

For the longest of time, Iniesta has been an indispensable player for Barcelona as the Spanish midfielder has consistently helped the Catalan club in winning over 25 titles and in every single season, the veteran player has always made over 25 appearances.

Barcelona has been fairly active in the summer transfer window as they have signed Andre Gomes and Denis Suarez, these players are expected to reinforce the midfield department of Barcelona and more performers could be signed which is going to bring more competition to Andres Iniesta and other players.

Even though Andres Iniesta is 32 years old, he still continues performing at an extremely high level as he is one of those players that doesn’t necessarily get affected so much by his age as their class just keeps on being displayed in every season.

When Iniesta was asked about the arrival of these new players and if he’s scared of losing his spot in the team and having more competition in the squad, the veteran player replied by saying: ‘’This team should always have the best players there and, to compete with them, if this makes me afraid or uncertain, I wouldn't be here."

Iniesta continued on talking about how long he is planning in staying at Campo Nou as he said: "I have had I-don't-know-how-many seasons at Barcelona and I've always had the sensation of the best being here." On a personal level his plan is "to be well, and train well to perform at the maximum level."

Clarence Seedorf, Zinedine Zidane and Andres Iniesta are part of a select group of players that age does not hinder their capacity to perform in some of the biggest stages in the world of football and even with these new arrivals, it’s highly unlikely that Iniesta will be spending a significantly long period of time on the sidelines unless he suffers a injury or something of that nature.