Fabio Continues With Cardiff City

Fabio de Silva with Cardiff City might be seeing out a contract for the current season despite the interest that the foreign parties have shown in him.

Known for his full back playing skills, Fabio Da Silva is keen to continue with his contract with Cardiff City despite the fact that several clubs abroad have expressed their interest in the player. A source stated that this player, of former Manchester United fame, has caught the attention of clubs and country teams like Brazil and others in Europe. However, Fabio on the other hand, is focused on another year with the Bluebirds.

Fabio moved from United to Cardiff for a three year deal, which will last till July 2017. This player of Brazil international fame has been having a free fall period since he joined United. He is rated highly as a defender player. The Red Devils have also given off his twin brother, Rafael Da Silva.

He now plays for Lyon club. Fabio is an active member of the first team of Cardiff, having made about 23 appearances for the club. The starting lineup of Cardiff has Fabio as part of the team. The goal that he scored against Middleborough is remembered by most fans of this player who is merely 23 years of age. Even at this age, he has definitely made a name for himself.

With foreign interest developing for this player, he definitely will have a bright career ahead of him. It remains to be seen how well he plays this season and that will definitely work for his future career in international clubs. He might decide to stay on till the end of the term or decide to move by the end of this season. He and his twin brother are definitely in the eye of several club managers this season.