Barcelona have displayed the ultimate form of consistency

Barcelona have displayed the ultimate form of consistency by winning the league title, according to midfielder Andres Iniesta.

The club managed to hold onto their nerves in the final game of the season against Granada. There was a possibility of Real Madrid winning the title at the last moment if Barcelona dropped points in this away match. This was a distinct possibility after the club’s wavering form only a few weeks ago.

However, Luis Suarez continued his impressive form by getting a hat-trick in the 3-0 win. This meant that Barcelona finished the last five games with an astonishing 24 goals.

Suarez was also named as the top scorer for the first time in the Spanish league. He has broken the stranglehold held by Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi in the last six years. Madrid had managed to win the last 12 league matches without exception. This helped them take advantage of Barcelona dropping points like they were falling out of the sky. Only two months ago, the Catalan club had a 10 point advantage in the title race, but they had to win the title by the skin of their teeth. Despite the close call, Iniesta believes that Barcelona have shown over the 12 months that they are the most consistent and deserve the league title.

"We've worked really hard for this all year. We suffered right at the end, but it tastes of victory, it tastes of glory.This league is the ultimate gauge of consistency, it's the one we really want to win every year. We try to win every competition, but this is the big one. To have won eight titles says a lot about this generation. But we are going to try and keep this going and win as many titles as possible," said Iniesta.